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What is the Bravery Box Charity?

Bravery Boxes’ aim is to bring a little joy and lift the spirits of children on oncology wards for their daily acts of bravery during treatment.


What’s in a Bravery Box?

A ‘Bravery Box’ is full of little gifts – toys and puzzles which can be played with instantly. The gifts are age and gender appropriate and a child picks their own.


About Bravery Boxes

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Every parent fears the serious illness of their child. The moment that you are told that your child has a life threatening condition, all the hopes and dreams that you have vanish. All that you care about is the survival of your child. Helping your child to be treated; helping your child to recover; and sometimes, sadly, ensuring that the remainder of your child’s life is as wonderful and pain free as possible. That is the day to day reality of parenting a seriously ill child.

It is a desperate time. You feel hopeless and helpless as you watch your child scream out, yet again, in pain or terror at yet another essential medical procedure.

This is where Bravery Boxes come into play. It is a simple solution that really works. Each and every time a child shows bravery, they are rewarded with a small prize which they choose from the ‘Bravery Box’. Siblings of sick children are rewarded too – bravery takes on many forms in hospital.

Keeping the ‘Bravery Boxes’ well stocked with a wide selection of treasures comes at a cost. Our vision is to fund a ‘Bravery Box’ for every paediatric oncology center in Great Britain, and we need your help!


How can I help?

Without charitable donations, Bravery Boxes would not exist. The support that we are given through donations and fundraising is invaluable.



We welcome all donations, no matter the amount. Every little helps to make serious illness less painful for children.

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