Our Story

Bravery Boxes was founded by our trustee, Christine Davies. On 7 August 2008, aged 2 and 4 months, Christine’s son was diagnosed as having a rare and highly aggressive brain tumour called AT/RT. It had already spread to his spine.

Despite being told that he would not survive, he did just that!

He put up a huge battle, had major brain surgery, intensive chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. His treatment made him so ill that at times he could barely open his eyes. He spent prolonged periods in isolation and was bed bound for so long, he had to re-learn how to walk.

During her son's treatment, Christine started to bring in new toys for him as as a distraction during his many medical procedures. It worked! He would focus on the prize, stop the tears and let the medical teams do what needed to be done. Soon Christine was bringing in toys for all the children on the ward which she funded with her own money. That’s when the idea to fundraise for the toys took hold and the 'Bravery Boxes' were born!

The ‘Bravery Boxes’ were created to bring a little joy and lift the spirits of children on oncology wards for their daily acts of bravery during treatment. When a child has to endure a painful or frightening medical procedure, the ‘Bravery Box’ is there to help. Full of little ‘bravery’ prizes, the distraction of choosing a prize tends to stops the tears, soothe the pain and bring out a smile. The feedback from the nurses and play leaders is that it really works and we need your help to keep it going.